The Board of Deacons has had another very busy and fulfilling year. We continue to serve others in traditional ways such as preparing Communion and helping those in need, both in our congregation and the community. We work together and prayerfully discuss how to best support those who are dealing with financial, physical, spiritual, or emotional troubles. The Prayer Shawl Ministry continues to bring comfort and peace to many individuals struggling with sadness, pain, or illness. Our other services, donations, and activities throughout 2021 were as follows:

  Acme/Shop Rite/Wawa Gift Cards to needy or sick. 

  Mitten Tree – items were collected and distributed to the Geraldyn O. Foster Early Childhood Center  and to the Veteran Haven South, a shelter for homeless veterans.

  Christmas Angel Tree giving to 7 boys at Ranch Hope and 18 gifts to children/parents through       Family Promise of Southwest Jersey.

  Prayer Shawl Ministry - 14 prayer shawls/lap robes this year. To date approximately 180 have been      given since 2009.  

  Preparing the Lord’s Supper Monthly.

  Restocking of Supplies for the Kitchen.

  Sending of Get Well, Happy Birthday, Holiday & Anniversary cards to seniors & shut-ins.

  Thanksgiving Meal Baskets to 3 local families.

  Visitations to the elderly and shut-ins.

  Weekly/Semi-weekly bulletins to absent seniors and shut-ins.

  Student Remembrance boxes were sent out to our students during final exam time, both in the       Spring and Fall.

  Serving Funeral luncheons. 

  Restaurant gift cards given to new parents for a dinner out. 

The 2021 Board of Deacons was comprised of: President Margaret DeMaris, Vice President Victoria Neill, Treasurer Melanie Richman, Courtney Hitchner, Jackie Robbins, Erin Hitchner, Margie Mercado, Anita Elwell and Secretary Jill Stout.The Deacons meet the first Monday of the month at 7:00. 


The Deacons also oversee the Lillian Robertson Fund which was established from her bequest to be used for the care of people in need.  The intent of this fund is distribution, not growth and we follow a set of guidelines to determine the situation. A total of $69,559.59 has been disbursed over the last 20 yrs.  The yearly average amount dispersed is $3,477.98.  

 Our Sunday school children and teachers were a huge help to us during this year!  The Deacons had the honor of delivering a little something to members of our congregation for Easter, Mother’s Day, Halloween, and Christmas.  On each occasion the children added an extra special touch by making cards and for Halloween they decorated pumpkins.  The Deacons want them to know how their contributions made these “gifts” extra special to those who received them.  

 The Deacons would also like to express their sincere appreciation to all others who have helped support us throughout this past year. We especially appreciate all of you who have donated the lovely shawls and lap robes. Without your continued support, we would not have been able to accomplish all that we did this year.

Thank you!!

 Respectfully submitted, 
Jill Stout, Secretary

312 DARETOWN ROAD, ELMER, NJ 08318 856-358-1104